Perspectives on parity

Our column dives into the challenges women face when running for office and the groundbreaking solutions that The Ascend Fund and our partners are pioneering through innovation and collaboration.

Want to close the gender wage gap? Elect more women to state legislatures.

Women have been fighting for equal pay since entering the workforce en masse during WWII. One of the most notable pieces of legislation passed on the issue of equal pay was the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which prohibited wage discrimination on account of sex.

It’s Past Time to Elect Black Women to Governor Offices

This year poses a unique opportunity to achieve a long-overdue first, electing the first Black woman governor in the United States. In November there will be 36 governorships on the ballot, including all of the nine offices currently held by women.

Why You (Yes, You!) Should Run For Office in 2022

As the calendar rolls over, many people set New Year’s resolutions. But rather than resolving to exercise more, read more books, or watch less TV, what if you resolved to run for office?

Twelve Organizations Working to Make 2022 the Best Year Yet for Women’s Representation

At The Ascend Fund, we believe that parity is possible in our lifetime because transformational organizations are building a pathway to public office for women.

2021 Election Analysis: Nominal Progress for Women

In 2020, all eyes were on the White House and Kamala Harris’ historic election as the first woman and woman of color to serve as vice president. In contrast, 2021 was an “off-year,” meaning there were only a few federal or state races which, typically take place in even numbered years.

Partners in Parity: How 13 Organizations in Michigan, Mississippi & Washington are Paving the Way

To rapidly accelerate the pace of change toward gender parity in state legislatures, pivotal policymaking bodies, The Ascend Fund is making targeted, transformational investments in 13 state and local organizations in Michigan, Mississippi, and Washington.

Elevating Latina Leadership this Hispanic Heritage Month

Latinas are deeply underrepresented at every level of elected office. Latina leadership, however, is transformational, when elected, Latinas are powerful changemakers, fighting for their communities.

Ten Podcasts That Elevate Women's Voices in Politics

Women in politics are making history across the country as they continue to break down barriers and increase representation in government. While there are now more women serving in office than ever before, we’re still far from true gender parity.

244 Years Later, Kathy Hochul to Become New York’s First Woman Governor

After two and a half centuries of men governors, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul will become New York’s first woman governor when she is sworn in on August 24th, 2021.

Always the Lieutenant, Never the Governor

The representation of women in lieutenant governors offices and lack of women governors begs the question, why are we as a nation comfortable with women in second place, but not in command?

Washington - Parity Is Possible

For more than a decade, from 1993 to 2004, Washington ranked 1st in the nation for women’s representation in the state legislature. But progress faltered from a high of more than 40% in 2000 to just 32% in 2011.

Mississippi - Parity Takes Persistence

Achieving gender parity in politics will take persistence in states like Mississippi. Mississippi consistently ranks in the bottom 10 states nationwide for women’s representation and women have never held more than 20% of the state legislative seats.