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Ten podcasts that elevate women's voices in politics

Women in politics are making history across the country as they continue to break down barriers and increase representation in government. While there are now more women serving in office than ever before, we’re still far from true gender parity.

Podcasts are effective tools for both elevating marginalized voices and educating the public on the importance and benefits of a more inclusive political system. This is especially true for women in politics. By creating spaces for women’s voices to be heard, whether in politics or elsewhere, we can continue to educate ourselves on the important strides women make every day.

Check out our favorite podcasts below, many with episodes featuring our partners, to learn more about women’s representation in politics.

1. Two Broads Talking Politics

Hosted by Kelly and Sophy, two midwestern moms who were inspired by the Women’s March, Two Broads Talking Politics is a space for women candidates, activists, and influential authors across the country to share their powerful accomplishments. Their #VoteHerIn series collaborates with author Rebecca Sive of Vote Her In: Your Guide to Electing Our First Woman President to further dive into how we can continue to elect more women to office, and how critical it is for women to gain political power.

Recommended Episodes:

Liuba Grechen Shirley (23 minutes)

Liuba Grechen Shirley, founder of Vote Mama, comes back on the show for this episode to follow up with Kelly and Sophy about where Vote Mama is now and all they’ve accomplished since last coming on the show in February 2019. She discusses why using campaign funds for childcare is not only a women’s issue, but a racial issue, a bipartisan issue, and beneficial to men as well.

Erin Vilardi (#VoterHerIn) (28 minutes)

Learn about Erin Vilardi of Vote Run Lead as she talks with Kelly and Rebecca about changing the national culture surrounding women in politics and how she got involved in this field. Learn about their Run 51 program, resources and strategies for women running for office, the impact of ranked choice voting, and what’s needed to create a groundswell of change across the nation to normalize women’s leadership.

2. The Brown Girl’s Guide to Politics

Founded and hosted by A’shanti Gholar, the president of Emerge America, a training program for Democratic women, The Brown Girl’s Guide to Politics aims to create a space for women of color interested in getting involved in politics to get advice, news, tools, and resources to empower them on their journey. She conducts interviews with influential women in politics such as candidates, politicians, and organizational leaders and analyzes the various issues BIPOC women face in this field and how to break down barriers.

Recommended Episode:

Madalene Mielke: “You’re investing in the next generation.” (39 minutes)

In 2019, Madalene Mielke, CEO and President of APAICS talked with A’shanti about inclusivity in politics, the importance of mentorship and resources to minority candidates, breaking out of stereotypes, and how to encourage API women to run for office. She also details her own background and the varied representation and diversity she experienced growing up, and how she came into the field of politics.

3. The Electorette

Host Jenn Taylor Skinner founded The Electorette to create a sense of community like what she felt during the women’s marches. Jenn aims to bring together strong, smart women working to create solutions for our democracy. She interviews women passionate about equality, feminism, reproductive justice, healthcare and more, to tap into how we can prioritize these issues.

Recommended Episodes:

Transform State Legislatures to 51% Women’s Representation by 2024 (43 minutes)

Hear from Erin Vilardi and Rhonda Briggins of Vote Run Lead as they talk with Jenn about the historical gender gap, their program RUN /51, the barriers and unique challenges women face when running for office, and how the pandemic affected women running for office.

Tiffany Gardner, CEO of Reflect.US (24 minutes)

On this episode, Tiffany Gardner of Reflect.US talks about her take on the outcome of the 2020 election, how we should think about the candidacy of women who don’t share political points of view, and why the focus should be on parity and essential policy change. They also talk about specific issues such as the effect of the childcare crisis and the pandemic on women running for office.

4. Sunday Civics

L. Joy Williams has always had a passion for civic action, community service, and empowering Black women. Her diverse background in politics, including being Chair Emeritus of Higher Heights for America and Chair of the Higher Heights PAC, inspired her to start the Sunday Civics podcast to teach more women, minority communities, and others interested in learning more about politics how to be active in democracy.

Recommended Episode:

Ohio is Soaring to Higher Heights (48 minutes)

As an active involved member of the Higher Heights organization, it is only fitting that Williams would work with Glynda Carr, CEO and Founder of Higher Heights for America. They talk about the noteworthy race of Ohio’s 11th Congressional District’s special election, and Williams and Carr also share their interviews with Nina Turner and Shontel Brown.

5. Breaking Glass

Kassia Binkowski and Sabrina Merage Naim host Breaking Glass to bring greater exposure to the various experiences women face in an inequitable society. On each episode they talk with an individual working to create major changes for women across the world by bringing a narrative to the struggles of womanhood. Episode guests include civil rights activities, fashion influencers, political leaders, photographers, and founders of grassroots organizations.

Recommended Episode:

Women in politics and a nation's future (51 minutes)

Kassia and Sabrina talk with Erin Loos Cutraro, founder of She Should Run about her success in creating safe spaces for women to explore running for office and become leaders. She aims to help women get their “aha” moments of why they want to get involved and make a difference. She elaborates on how having greater diversity and representation inspires other women to run who share similar backgrounds, and how these women with unique skills go on to make impactful change in office.

6. Our Body Politic

Reporter and author Farai Chideya created Our Body Politic to create a news source by Black women for Black women and other women of color. She focuses on highlighting the role BIPOC women play in shaping politics, and how they’re affected by political decisions. Her diverse episode topics aim to expose the intersectionality between women’s issues and the economy, health, politics, education, and the environment.

Recommended Episode:

Engaging the Latino Electorate, the challenges of immigration reform, and women of color building their own institutions (51 minutes)

Farai often talks to more than one guest on her podcast episodes. On this week's episode, she speaks with Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez of New York, Cecilia Muñoz, a Senior Advisor at New America, a public policy Think-tank, and Our Body Politic Producer Priscilla Alab. They cover issues affecting Latino communities such as immigration, representation in government, people taking advantage of minority communities, voting rights, and women of color working to forge their own career paths in a society that disadvantages them, with a great conversation surrounding Nikole Hannah-Jones.