The Ascend Fund is a collaborative fund dedicated to accelerating the pace of change toward gender parity in U.S. politics. We pool philanthropic capital and make mission-driven investments in nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations that break down barriers preventing women from running for office and winning.  

We provide more than just money — we're convening our partners, establishing working groups, and making connections to make the field stronger and accelerate the pace of change toward gender parity.


Our approach is simple – establish a pathway, bridge the gap, and transform the system.  

Red brick pathway through grass.


establish PATHWAYs

Establish pathways for more women to see themselves as candidates and normalize women's leadership.


Bridge the gap by providing women with the tools, training, and resources to successfully run for office.

Woman's feet on a circle on the sidewalk.


Blue butterfly spreading its wings on a green leaf.


transform the system

Transform the system by dismantling roadblocks so elected officials reflect the diversity of the population.


OUR Team

The Ascend Fund is powered by Panorama Global. Panorama Global is a Seattle- based 501(c)(3) action tank working to solve problems by influencing people and policy and through innovative partnerships.


Our work is guided by an Advisory Committee comprised of formerly elected women from both sides of the political aisle. These leaders share their personal experience and knowledge in order to increase opportunities for other women in politics.