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The Ascend Fund is committed to accelerating the pace of change toward gender parity in U.S. politics.

Because while women are 51% of the U.S. population, they make up less than 30% of our country's elected leaders – even accounting for recent and historic gains.


The year women would reach parity if we were to continue at the rate seen over the last century.


The year women would reach parity if we continue to progress at the same rate as the past 20 years.


Our accelerated target for achieving parity. We are committed to realizing a representative democracy within 30 years.

We're intent on accelerating the pace of parity, not merely because it's what is fair – but because it's what's smart.

when women win elections, they:

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Change the agenda

and are more likely to prioritize legislation that benefits women, children, and families.

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govern differently

by building coalitions, working across the aisle, and reaching compromise on divisive issues.

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disrupt systems

and normalize women's leadership, which positively affect the political ambitions of younger women and women of color.

When women lead, our nation is transformed

We believe in the advancement and representation of women and all marginalized genders, including but not limited to transgender, intersex, Two Spirit, and non-binary people. The Ascend Fund, and our partners, strive to make sure that gender equity is intersectional and inclusive of all people who have historically been oppressed.

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